August 07, 2018


Meet Joe Blogs – face of The Parody Shop. But what is The Parody Shop and who is Joe Blogs? 

The Parody Shop curates sarcastic products and silly gifts for people that would rather not join in... The people that sigh before having to sing another 'happy birthday' to some twat in the office they don't even like, the people that consider arson every time someone brings up The Kardashians, the wind up merchants that continually think about how to next cheer themselves up through annoying somebody else. And what about this Joe Blogs character? Who is he? 

Joe Blogs: all you need to know 

  • Out of work ventriloquist dummy 
  • Ageless / raceless 
  • Will say almost anything 
  • Is fairly pissed off most of the time 

But why Joe? 

Well, we needed somebody as fed up as we usually are so we thought we'd hire someone who's had a hand up his backside for most of his career. Uncomfortable to say the least. On meeting Joe, crumpled in the corner of an old toy shop, we immediately fell in love with how dead he was behind the eyes. In those tiny little black holes we saw someone that really does see all, someone willing to open his mouth and be completely honest about the state of modern life and mainstream culture. 

What did Joe do before The Parody Shop? 

It's difficult to say and we don't want to put words in his mouth. However, rumours suggest Joe has spent some time amongst the greats, perhaps even performing for those inside the Magic Circle. We get the feeling that a currently tight-lipped Joe is full of secrets, of mysteries; of stories left unsaid and sarcastic opinions conjured but not yet released. As chief blogger, we can't wait to see what he ends up sharing, we really can't. 

Has Joe influenced The Parody Shop's products? 

Big time. We knew we wanted to create a selection of cards that cut through the usual pretence but we weren't quite sure how. Then, one cold Christmas in 2017, we looked Joe right in the mince pies / black holes and asked ourselves: how would Joe wish somebody a Merry Christmas if he really had to? The answer was simple – in as few words and as directly as possible. And there you have it, an entire new breed of cards were born. 

So what will Joe be blogging about? 

From the cards he inspired to his position on certain pieces of art, books and silly little 'birthday appropriate' gifts – Joe will be blogging about The Parody Shop products that offer a little respite from the daily grind of nonsense we all have to put up with. Further, Joe's informed us that he's happy to rant. Better still, he'll offer advice on things like: 'How to pretend as if you're enjoying somebody's birthday party' and 'How little is too little to buy your long-term partner on Valentine's Day?'.

Looking forward to it? So are we. Joe's promised not to stop the mock (so long as we don't put our hands up his arse, he can't go through that again). Follow us on Insta for more from Joe. 


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