Join the cynic society and become The Parody Shop illuminati. We’re always looking for the internet’s best silly, sarcastic, cynical and satirical products. So, if you want to grow your audience - we’re all ears. And beers if it goes well. 

We’re also inviting guest bloggers and content creators to send us some ramblings or creative ideas on how we could team up. With a ventriloquist dummy as our figurehead, we’re happy to be a mouthpiece for your moanings. Read our blog here for inspiration.  

Fill out the form on the Contact Us page or send us an email to hello@theparodyshop with:

  • Product sales or blogger? 
  • What you want to sell or write about? 
  • Two sentences on what makes your brand a good fit for us

We’ll then be back in touch with details on how you can join our network and grow your own audience, it’s just a tiny form really and takes no time to complete. 

Want to know more about the benefits? 

What you get

  • Exposure to our customer base through the website 
  • Homepage and marketing features at a Top Product for a lucky few
  • One Instagram post pushing your lead product or blog to our followers 
  • Your brand will be mentioned as the creator - we’re just the curator 
  • Sales or reads for your brand or portfolio respectively 

What we get 

  • A small amount of commision with every sale you fulfil 
  • We ask for one social post from you to announce the partnership 
  • Great products and/or content on our site 

Everyone’s a winner. Get in touch. TPS.